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birthday cave-in fic for sisabet

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two-week notice! [Jan. 22nd, 2007|09:30 pm]
birthday cave-in fic for sisabet



OK, people, listen up! Please. Please, listen up! Two weeks from TODAY! is sisabet's BIRTHDAY. Anniversary of her natal day. Only comes once a year. And for some Godforsaken reason *I* am in charge of marshaling the forces to give her cave ins. Because she likes cave ins. That's you! YOU ARE THE FORCES! You are the seismic forces of good trapping our beloved fictional characters IN CAVE INS! Anyone you like/don't like in any cave whatsoever. Including things that aren't literally caves. You can do it. I know you have the power. You and your friends I've never even met but whom you are infecting with the burning desire to make cave ins for sisabet's birthday. Birthday eve, preferably, I guess. WHICH IS IN ONE WEEK AND SIX DAYS. Because HER BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO WEEKS ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH.

So, please, please, for the love of all that is sweet and holy, write/vid/draw/whatever CAVE IN fic or etc. for Miss Liz. Because, as we all know by now, she's a huge fan of that sort of thing.

If I sound ever so slightly desperate, it's because I completely *am*. See, me being in charge of anything like this is pretty much asking for a low rumble to build into a cascade of dirt and dust preceding a downpour of rock and debris burying hope and goodness until it is gasping for oxygen and can't feel its extremities. And that would be better as a story, not a sad analogy, don't you think? sisabetsafe is the place!

And just as a reminder, don't mention this whole thing to Liz because it's a surprise! (Yes, I know it's completely visible to her. She is pretending not to know! She is very good at pretending. This conceit/mindfuck is my favorite part of the entire endeavor, so just smile and nod and go make some cave ins. Pretty, pretty please?)

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